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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Technology Adds Value to Expression of Concept

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Author : Sirisha Kamalapuram

Technology is the most intriguing discipline that has been influencing mankind since ages. The concept of technology can be dated back to pre-historic life when man used natural resources in making basic objects like tools and crafts for living. It was in this early human era that ideas and imaginations brought the concept of technology into existence but now technology itself is bringing in new creative concepts and developing human ability to communicate. These transformations are taking place so drastically that technology is no more delimiting itself to a specific area.  It is being used wherever there is a need for practical application of established principles and scientific knowledge.

The inventions like telephone, television, computer and many more have moved technology to the crown of value and contributed to significance of communication. These innovations have created the path to social life and added value to human thinking. It helped develop social skills and provided means to effectively communicate with each other.

Many Inventions

It was in 33rd century B.C. that Sumerians invented writing, there by adding a new chapter in the evolution of communication. It was followed by invention of paper by Chinese in 105 A.D. These are just two of the many contributions made by historians using their cultural traditions. However, these inventions did not stop, instead it lead to the visualisation and implementation of human ideas and creativity. The result was invention of basic and sophisticated things like typewriters, printers, photocopying machines, radio, telephone, photography, electric telegraph, tape recorder, motion pictures, television, calculators and computers as means of communication. 

If technology had stopped somewhere in the middle then we wouldn’t have had what is now called an internet. There would have been no Google or Wikipedia or Youtube.

Information Technology (IT) is the most important technological innovation that has changed human way of thinking and the way of handling things both with respect to personal and social life. This technological development has enabled us to work in a fast paced environment with ease. For example, computers help right from processing the information to creating databases for storing information without the need for stocking papers in files.

Internet is one of the prominent innovation’s that is inter-connecting people globally. It is helping in social networking and in connecting people all over the world right from home. Email is not only making business communication quicker and easier but is also bringing people closer than ever.  In addition, many software developments are making application processing online and are increasing customer service.

Instead of ten people sitting at desks in the office manually serving each and every customer walking in throughout the day,  it is better that the customer sits at home and signs in anytime, fills out an application and gets immediate response and confirmation. It is not only saving cost and time but is also making communication simple. Globally known search engines like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc are making life simple by providing loads of information with one single click.

We can virtually chat, text messages or send emails at any time online and to any part of the world. There are also several message boards and blog sites available on the internet where messages can be posted giving scope for conversation on almost any topic. There are also many websites developed to foster the concept of ‘Social Networking’. According to a recent survey, Facebook, Myspace are among the most surfed websites for communication and social networking in North America and the world. These sites have over 100 million users each. There are hundreds of websites on the internet which are serving the same purpose. 

Innovative technology such as MS Power Point is helping us deliver oral presentations more effectively. It is satisfactorily proving that “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The whole concept of these visuals is to effectively improve learning, communicate efficiently and develop cognitive ability. There are several other software applications and online resources available in the market for personal and business usage.

Not just software oriented applications but even the daily newspapers have proven to be of technological value. According to a news report, “It is estimated that a week’s worth of the New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century”.

Television is another important invention that has become a part of life for many people. Right from entertaining us through movies, and sports, TV is delivering up to date information. We are able to learn about the events happening around us and also those happening thousands of miles away. It has become a source of knowledge and means for business marketing. As mentioned earlier visual displays not only help speeding up learning process but also improve retention time.

The significance of telecom technology is remarkable.  Not very long ago, in 1980s there was limited usage of telephone and very few lines available due to maintenance difficulties. But now things have changed. We not only have wired connections installed at homes and offices but also wireless connections in the form of cell phones, I-phones in the hands of hundreds of thousands of individuals. This booming wireless technology is enabling a dynamic social interaction and facilitating us to make personal or business calls to any place either local or international. It’s with no hesitation we can say that we are developing technology in order to communicate efficiently both socially and economically.

Technology helps people communicate after a natural disaster or catastrophe. The recent floods in Andhra Pradesh were a real time example that could be cited in this perspective.

Technologies like telecom, meteorological studies, transportation have helped emergency teams communicate with the needy quickly, enabled them to bring them to their loved ones and hence saved the lives of thousands of helpless people.  If we had no such technological development then there would have been no weather predictions and no chance to know the disastrous situation of our fellow humans. Not just in this scenario but after any tragic incident there is at least an available scope to communicate emergency response agencies for help.

Technology has always added value to the way we think, act and communicate so much so that some of the basic things we take so much for granted have been a direct or indirect product of technology. All we can say is that technology has been the back bone in the effective development of thinking and communication and will continue to be going forward.

Source : The Career Guide

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