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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Books, bubbly and more

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Author: Anusha Vincent and V Lakshmi

Long, long ago, the first book was written. Now, several centuries later, the pages are still turning, thanks to a number of advancements and innovations 

   The year 2009 might not have helped bank balances grow. But it certainly seems to have been a blessed one, as far as the writing scenario in the city’s concerned. New genres made their presence felt, the number of book readings increased manifold and technology made a stronghold for itself. 

While in the past, Indian writing was usually associated with profound philosophy and offered deep insights, that more often than not went over the average reader’s head, the scenario now has changed considerably. Author Anshumani Ruddra agrees, “Writers here are finally moving away from literary writing. They are instead dabbling in romance, crime thrillers and chick-lit. In fact, it’s interesting to note that chicklit and lad-lit have a burgeoning market in the country.”

   And the younger crop, it seems, is not afraid of exploring hitherto taboo subjects anymore. A representative from a publishing house says, “We are looking for younger authors who are more unabashed in their views. We released a new series of erotica by young Indian authors and the response has been surprisingly good. People are finally acknowledging that Indian authors too can have varied views on sex and sexuality.” 

If you thought that only Goosebumps could have endings you wanted, then think again. For in recent times, gamebooks that allow readers to decide on the fate of characters have been making their presence felt. Ruddra, author of one such gamebook, says, “While in regular fiction there is no interaction, in gamebooks, you can make your own choices as the story proceeds. You can create your own story, and the same book can bring you numerous stories and endings.” And things just got a whole lot more savvy, what with kindle books taking the literary scenario by storm. Sanjitha Kamesh, a bookworm, says, “Though there’s nothing that can come close to the feeling of holding a paper book, kindle books are extremely convenient.” In fact, a survey reveals that on Christmas day this year, more kindle books were bought than physical books. 

And the books themselves are being marketed in interesting and innovative ways. Readings are the order of the day at almost all book launches, and discussions are aplenty. Shakila Arun of a popular theatre group is involved in dramatised book readings. She says, “The idea behind a book reading is to introduce the book to the public and make it interesting for people who are normally not interested in the written word. Dramatised readings get the audience engrossed and act as interesting forerunners to events.” And 2009 saw two megastars — Jeffrey Archer and William Dalrymple introducing their books to the city with some engrossing reading action!

   Finally, what are books without some good ol’ snobbery? Book launches these days are fast becoming occasions to dress up for with socialites hobnobbing over some bubbly. And on that note, here’s cheers to an even better 2010! 

Source : Times of India

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