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Monday, June 21, 2010

Accreditation in India

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Recognition and Accreditation are two different important terms that are associated with engineering education.

Recognition can be of academic and/or professional recognition. Academic recognition refers to the recognition of courses, qualifications, credits or diplomas from one higher education institution by another. Professional recognition refers to the right to practice and the professional status accorded to a holder of a certain qualification. Its aim is to ensure that certain satisfactory standards of qualification are achieved. In India , with regard to the recognition, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is the regulatory authority. Approval of AICTE for new Institutions or for starting new programs is based on: 

1) Credibility of Institutional Management and the Program providers, 
2) Assurance of Compliance to AICTE Norms and Standards, 
3) Prior approval by the State Government and University or other competent authority, 
4) Market sensitivity of program output, to avoid imbalance in supply of qualified manpower. 

Accreditation is a system which assures that graduates of an accredited program are prepared adequately to enter and continue the practice of engineering. Accreditation is done by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), an autonomous body constituted by the AICTE, under Section 10(u) of the AICTE Act, 1987. NBA will periodically conduct evaluation of technical institutions and programs on the basis of guidelines, norms and standards. The accreditation exercise is designed to be rigorous with several inputs such as quality of teaching, level of research, faculty expertise, evaluation of teachers, standard of infrastructure available in the campus etc. However, this is mainly an input based assessment and partly outcome based assessment. But for the international accreditation, it is completely outcome based assessment that is essential for the mobility of engineering graduates at international level.

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