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Sunday, May 9, 2010

We realise that it is never important how well we did academically, professionally or financially, but what is critical is, how well did we live our lives (The author is an Evangelist of Human Spirit, a Performance Enhancement Coach and a Reputation Consultant. He can be reached at avis@imagequity. in ; http://sixsigmaforthesoul.

 IN recent times, thanks to my son, who is pursuing his Undergraduation at a US University, I have been introduced to the concept of GPA- Grade Point Average. It is always on a maximum of 4 Points and the closer you are to 4, the better. Your scores are always announced as Grades, from A+, going down.
This brought me to examine life, its myriad challenges, opportunities, temptations and learnings. And I set off to reason and to explore how the Universe would rate us, humans, for our performance in our lives, on a GPA scale. My exploration was also triggered by the hype over Copenhagen Global Summit on Climate Change.

What I discovered was both simple and awakening at the same time. In the Universe's Assessment of us humans, the following Standard Operating Principles will fetch full marks or what they call A+ Grades: 1. Did you understand the core purpose of your creation to be to realise the truth- of our existence, that all life is equal?
2. Did you deliver on the perfor mance expected of you/of every human being which is to be loving- towards all?
3. Did you practice giving selflessly?
4. Did you keep the faith and stay patient during your `darkest' hours?
5. Did you nuture Mother Nature?

Applying this logic, none of us mortals would get an A+. Because, on an average, we don't accept that all creation is equal. This leads us to practice different, variable behavioural standards with different people. We always look for returns when giving anything- money, time, advice, opportunity .

And in the times that we are troubled, we stop believing there is an Universal Energy Source or a Cosmic Design that is causing and directing our life. Worse, while nature gives and forgives, we humans get whatever we want from nature and forget to nurture it or give back.

Imagine writing an exam without understanding or even attempting to know what are the criteria for assessment? Well, that's exactly what all of humanity is doing today .  Taking an exam called life- living- without realising that our assessment, to borrow a much feared reference, on Judgment Day, will be basis the criteria listed above. The Hollywood blockbuster 2012 warns us that such a day is not far away- and because we have led our lives recklessly, it is time for the Universe to strike back.

Invariably, all of us, until a great awakening moment comes, lead our lives in painful ignorance, agonizing over our existence and circumstances. We remain self-obsessed and refuse to see what we can do to make this Universe a better place to live in. The `what's-in-it-for-me' assessment is always more pronounced compared to `what-can-I-contribute?'. And then the moment comes. We lose a dear one or we lose all that we created or we are subjected to public trial for no fault of ours or we are a victim of Nature's fury- and then the WHY ME? question gives way to a grudging acceptance, followed by, over a period of time, total surrender to the Cosmic Design. In surrendering, we actually end up realizing ourselves. And in one flash, the five simple measures of our performance show up before us. They then become the raison d'etre for us to live from that moment on.

Make no mistake. Whoever we are, whatever we do, one day, in this lifetime, that moment will arrive in our lives. Until then we will struggle to get our GPA up. And then, in one defining moment, the truth will emerge. After that living- getting an A+ from and in life- will become so easy and simple. That's when we will realise that living is loving.

The criteria for living our lives intelligently are very different from what we understand them to be. Resultantly, after a lifetime, we realise, we have done nothing that merits an A+. Once that realisation happens, living becomes simple: when we realise that it is never important how well we did academically, professionally or financially, but what is critical is, how well did we live our lives. 

Source : New Indian Express
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