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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Article Collected by - Education is My Passion

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For years now, if you had a creative mind and did not belong to a film or media family, you had parents worried. Creative minds are unlikely to be happy in a typical nine to five job. Also, they are not too sure of what they are really good at till they are hands-on. 

If the above definition reads like you, the following may help:

Be ready for the convergence age:

In an age where you can watch television shows on the internet, make ad films that run on mobile phones, and create ad campaigns for outdoor media, the print, the web and television media, direct films themes that would tap into a global audience, we are talking of a different kind of intelligence which assimilates a whole shift in communication and media. Ace professionals in the industry are on learning mode all the time just catching up, so the creative student today actually has a gamut of options to choose from.

Get professional training:

"What we (did) not have in India is a film institute that will understand the student's creativity and unlock it," says Shekhar Kapur, Filmmaker. This long-standing gap is being filled with institutes in animation, films, and more. The Indian animation industry with the current turnover of Rs 1750 cr combined with the entertainment business (Film & TV) of Rs 45,000 cr offers great employment potential for qualified people, says ABRP Reddy of CG Mantra. 'In India, even established studios found it difficult to find good script writers and directors who understood the format of the industry, says Meghna Ghai Puri, President of Whistling Woods International, the films, television and media arts institute in Mumbai, “and that is why we set up this institute”. Situated in filmcity, it has a strong industry connect and students get extensive hands-on training.

Have realistic expectations:

It's important for students not to come with stars in the eyes. A good degree will reduce the time you need to struggle before the first big break, but that's it. A professional sound recording artist can earn 35,000 to 40,000 in their first job, other streams may pay lower initially. Eventually, the really talented technicians and directors do get paid high, premium rates. It does take time to build a profile in the industry with such an enormous talent pool.

Industry going corporate:

A ‘film studio’ in Holywood is a company that has a production house, theatrical distribution arm, music division, home video label and TV sales department. The Big Five of Hollywood, i.e Warner, Fox, Universal, Paramount and Disney account for 95% of the box-office money in USA. In India we are going towards a similar trend, which began with Yash Raj Films and UTV with their own active production, distribution arms, home video and music labels.

Saagarika, Chief People Officer at Reliance Big says from the career point of view the current transition stage in this industry should take in as much as fifty percent more people. Thankfully, there are about twenty business schools that teach management in entertainment and media; where earlier there was only NSD, and FTII. Whistling Woods plans to set up a similar institute in Hyderabad.

   “It augurs well, as we have all the international players in films interested in India and we increasingly send our films abroad. It is a very skills and competence space, and every hour is valuable as weakness of one professional brings an entire team down. When I was growing up, talking about working in films was taboo, but today, it is, in parts, as corporate as any other industry.” So long term, if creativity is your thing, one must look into media arts seriously.

Get a complete perspective:

Successful professionals understand the complete package. For example if you are studying film making, make sure you are also imbibing production design, art and culture, music and dance and film appreciation. This is essential. Many students attend creative workshops and this helps them decide what they are really good for. Says Md. Baig of the Quadir ALi Baig Foundation in Hyderabad, "Our workshops are twothree times oversubscribed. At the workshop one picks up skills in script-writing, lighting, design, direction," and it is done under very eminent people like Anupam Kher, Shabana Azmi, Alyque Padamsee. At Whistling Woods there is an eight month starter course which is easy to apply for, and then one can choose to enter the two year film production, management and other programs. Any which way, starting early helps! 

Source : Times of India
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