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Saturday, April 17, 2010

City parents high on `examxiety'

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The stress of exam season has parents rushing their kids to the hospital at the slightest sign of illness. 


With exams looming nearer and the season change playing havoc with kids' health, worried parents are queuing up outside city clinics and hospitals. `Examxiety' is the new malady that has struck all urban parents, say doctors. From fretting about runny noses, scratchy throats and headaches to getting worked about minor tummy upsets, parents suffering from severe anxiety before their kids' exams are making trips to the doc, even if they spot the slightest sign of physical discomfort in their children.

Recently, a 15-year-old boy was rushed to Dr Vijay Mohan, a general practitioner, for a mild headache. "While the headache only required a paracetamol and some rest, the boy's parents panicked since exams are nearing.

Another time I was approached by the parents of a young girl who had a common cold that could have been cured at home," says Dr Vijay adding, "When exams are nearing, even minor ailments send parents into a tizzy. While they are not wrong in rushing their child to the doctor, the treatment provided should be appropriate.

Sometimes when a child suffers from Anxiety Hypertension Syndrome and gets breathless, a medical practitioner may mistake it for a heart or lung ailment and put the child on oxygen. But this is the wrong treatment since all it requires is for the carbon dioxide levels to be stabilised."
Agrees Dhiren Tandon, parent of a class VIII student of DPS. "At any other time I wouldn't be as worried if my kid came down with a common cold or cough, but during exam time, I would make it a point to get any signs of illness checked by a doctor, if it persists for more than a day. The whole point is to ensure that they don't fall ill during the exam and can prepare their lessons well."

Another parent affected by a sever case of examxiety is Jayanti Madura Reddy, an employee of SBI, whose son is preparing for his Class X Board exams. She admits that she is a bundle of nerves every time her son even coughs.

"The fact that it is quite chilly in the nights scares me as I don't want my son to be sick right before exams. I took him to the doctor to check for infections. In the night, I ensure he wears a sweater and socks and is tucked into a thick quilt. He hates it that I keep fussing over him, but I cant help being paranoid."

The examxiety-struck parents have even the docs confused. General physician, Dr Aftab Ahmed says. "Every year, during exam time there is a sharp rise in the number of kids brought to us with minor ailments.

Often I'm puzzled about why the child has been brought to the hospital and only after prodding, parents reveal that they don't want anything to get in the way of their perfor mance. Parents tend to be over cautious around exam time and apart from medication they request us to prescribe multi-vit amins to boost the child's immu nity and stami na."

Source : Deccan Chronicle
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